Artwalks in New York: Delightful Discoveries of Public Art and Gardens in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island

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August 2004



New Yorkers love a bargain as much as they love art. Artwalks in New York combines both as it maps out dozens of walking tours of free public art throughout the five boroughs. Completely updated, the new edition of this acclaimed guide brings us 33 tours of public art, covering the length of the island, from the Cloisters and Harlem in northern Manhattan, to Central Park and the museum mile, to Rockefeller Center and Chelsea, and all the way down to the southern tip at Battery Park City. This indispensable


Marina Harrison and Lucy D. Rosenfeld are the authors of eight guidebooks, including Art on Site, Green New Jersey, and Gardenwalks.


"The third edition of Artwalks, substantially revised and updated with seven new walks, leads readers through various sections of the city, highlighting what the authors consider to be public art, whether seen outdoors or within the confines of museums and other buildings. With directions on how to get there by subway and car, plus excellent and easy-to-read maps, Artwalks has much to offer the art lover, including off-the-beaten-path suggestions like the Chinese Scholar's Garden at Snug Harbor on Staten Island ('not to be missed') and the Ukrainian Institute of America on East 79th Street. A helpful section, 'Choosing an Outing,' lists walks by subject, such as parks or flower gardens... [R]ecommended." --Library Journal "East side, west side, all around the town--this handy, pocket-sized guide is a great tool for the wanderer in search of those out-of-the-way treasures that New York is abundantly full of. Revised and updated, Artwalks is a must for the discerning curious." --Art Times "Art enthusiasts who also love the big city will relish this third revised, updated edition."--The Bookwatch "Opinions are freely given about the quality of work one will see, and there is real concern shown for such creature comforts as finding relief for sore feet after a visit to the Met. Historical and other background details are provided throughout each walk, which even the most inveterate New Yorker will find compelling." --American Reference Books Annual Praise for previous editions "A sharp eye for art in unexpected corners. Artwalks in New York is bouncy, well written, and filled with good tips." --The New York Times "Like two good cooks, the writers have mixed enough tasty nuggets to make this one scrumptious cookie of a read. It is an insider's guide ot the Apple for the visitor, and an eye opener for even the most jaded native New Yorker." --Adrian Benepe, Commissioner, City of New York Department of Parks and Recreation
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