Children of the Western Plains: The Nineteenth-Century Experience

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August 2003



What life was like for youngsters who lived on the Great Plains in nineteenth-century frontier life. Chapters address a breadth of experiences and perceptions: why families came to the Great Plains and where they decided to settle; how families and communities were organized for education, work, and play; how health care, accidents, and mortality affected childhoods; and what children experienced outside the home. As much as possible, Ms. Holt lets the children speak for themselves. American Childhoods Series.


Part 1 Introduction Part 2 Perceptions and Expectations 9 Part 3 Travel and Settlement 33 Part 4 Family and Community 57 Part 5 Education and School Building 81 Part 6 The Work of Children 106 Part 7 Play and Leisure 128 Part 8 Matters of Life and Death 149 Part 9 Common Threads 171 Part 10 Notes 177 Part 11 A Note on Sources 205 Part 12 Index 211


Marilyn Irvin Holt was born in southern Illinois, where her parents still maintain a farm. She studied at Eastern Illinois University and the University of Illinois at Springfield, and is a former editor for the Illinois State Historical Library and a former director of publications for the Kansas State Historical Society. She has also written Indian Orphanages; Linoleum, Better Babies and the Modern Farm Woman; and The Orphan Trains. She lives in Abilene, Kansas.


Thick with vivid details and personal accounts.--Laurie Winn Carlson
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