Radiohead and the Resistant Concept Album: How to Disappear Completely

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November 2010



How the British rock band Radiohead subverts the idea of the conceptalbum in order to articulate themes of alienation and anti-capitalism is the focusof Marianne Tatom Letts's analysis of Kid A and Amnesiac. These experimental albumsmarked a departure from the band's standard guitar-driven base layered with complexproduction effects. Considering the albums in the context of the band's earlierreleases, Letts explores the motivations behind this change. She places the twoalbums within the concept-album/progressive-rock tradition and shows how both resistthat tradition. Unlike most critics of Radiohead, who focus on the band's lyrics, videos, sociological importance, or audience reception, Letts focuses on the musicitself. She investigates Radiohead's ambivalence toward its own success, asmanifested in the vanishing subject of Kid A on these two albums.


Acknowledgments; A Note on Musical Examples 1. Introduction; 2. Back to Save the Universe: The Reception of OK Computer and Kid A; 3. Everything in Its Right Place: Musical Elements in Kid A; 4. Cut the Kids in Half: The Second Death of Kid A; 5. After Years of Waiting, Nothing Came: Amnesiac as Antidote; 6. I Might Be Wrong: Amnesiac and Beyond; 7. We Are the Dollars and Cents: Radiohead as Commodity Bibliography; Discography; Index


Marianne Tatom Letts holds music degrees from the University of North Texas and the University of Texas at Austin.


"An objective yet provocative look at a challenging period in the work of one of rock's most adventurous bands." Kevin Holm-Hudson, author of Genesis and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
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