Children of Depressed Mothers: From Early Childhood to Maturity

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Mai 2004



This book presents a developmental perspective on the psychopathology of offspring of depressed mothers. A primary theme of this study is the interplay of factors in child (developmental stage, gender, temperament) and environment (depressed mother's symptomatic behavior and family functioning) as a key to psychiatric and psychosocial problems in children. This enlightening study closely follows children and their families through every stage of childhood. This book demonstrates just how influential a depressed mother is to the development of her child.


1. Orientation and themes; 2. An overview of objectives and approach; 3. Questions and answers in the Literature; 4. The research design and procedures; 5. Children of depressed mothers - case descriptions; 6. The development of children of depressed and well mothers: group analyses; 7. The development of children of depressed and well mothers: longitudinal analyses of individual development; 8. Children's problems in relation to characteristics of mother's depression and illness history; 9. Family environments - case descriptions; 10. Family environments of depression; 11. Depressed parents - case descriptions; 12. The depressed mother as environment; 13. The child as a variable in development and outcome; 14. Common and diverse pathways, mechanisms, and outcomes; 15. Prediction and understanding of development.


"Findings suggest new questions and revised research paradigms." Adolescence "This book is a welcome source of information for practitioners, researchers, educators, and policy makers who are interested in the complex dynamics within families who struggle with depression." Judith C. Kulig, Family and Community Health
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