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The book encloses the elements concerning the research project entitled "Effect of Various Protein Sources on the Quality of Cereal Based Baby Foods". The project was intended to overcome the problem of malnutrition in infants by using locally available protein rich food stuff. Four different baby foods were prepared by using cereals, pulses, oil seeds, potato and banana. The prepared baby foods were rich in protein and other vital nutrients which are necessary for the growth and development during the stage of infancy. The book also portrays the importance of home made baby foods as they are natural and in reach of every class. The book as well gives the general idea about the work of other researchers in preparing protein rich baby foods for infants.


Mr. Ali is an enthusiastic researcher. He did his MSc (Hons) in Agriculture with major in Food Technology. His core areas of research are Food and Human Nutrition. He performed his research work in renowned institutes of Pakistan like NARC and NIH. Couple of his publications are in pipeline. Currently, he is working as Agriculture Officer.
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