Price, Quality and Trust: Inter-Firm Relations in Britain and Japan

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A study of the different approaches in Britain and Japan to buyer-supplier relationships.


List of figures; List of tables; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Part I. Theory and Concepts: 1. A spectrum of transactional patterns: from ACR to OCR; 2. Trust and organisational efficiency; Part II. Case Studies and Survey: 3. Setting the scene; 4. JJ Electric, GB Electronics and TCP (UK); 5. The analysis of supplier companies; Part III. Explanations of Variations: 6. Economic and technological factors; 7. The legal framework; 8. Banks and financial links; 9. Employment system links; 10. Entrepreneurship, and the dynamics of small firm creation; Part IV. Outcomes and Implications: 11. How ACR-P OCR patterns relate to competitiveness; 12. Conclusions; Appendix; Notes; Bibliography.


"Sako clearly presents both the theoretical and observable features of ACR and OCR, applies these concepts to a sample of firms, and attempts to explain differences in behavior from a variety of perspectives...a rich description of how buyer-supplier relations are managed in both Britain and Japan." Peggy K. Takahashi, Contemporary Sociology "...a very well-researched, informative, and scholarly account of differences between buyer-supplier relations in Japan and Britain and one that should be read by academics in the field, but should certainly be prescribed reading for all Western purchasing managers trying to implement OCR and all management gurus exhorting them to do so." Journal of Japanese Studies "...makes a valuable contribution to the literature, both in terms of documentation and interpretation...All of us interested in corporate strategy and performance have much to learn from this fine study." Edward H. Lorenz, Journal of Economic Literature
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