National Parliaments and EU policy making

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November 2011



The role of national parliaments has become a source of great interest in studies of the EU in recent years. This is partly because of problems related to legitimacy and the democratic deficit and partly because of the recognition given to national parliaments in last Treaty changes. At the same time questions related to the immigration have become more silent political issues in the EU level and in the most Member States. Nevertheless, establishing a common immigration policy for the EU has been one of the most difficult ones. The role of national parliaments in that process has been under researched topic, which this book likes to contribute. This book examines the role of national parliaments in participating in the EU policy process in immigration field. The focus is to examine the 'double Europeanization'; i.e. the question of the capacity of the national parliaments to 'upload' preferences to the EU level in one hand and on the other hand, their role in 'downloading' EU policy outcomes to the national level.


Dr. Mari Neuvonen is experienced diplomat with academic and professional background in European Politics and Decision Making procedures and has great interest to combine her knowledge as a Civil Servant to Academic purposes. She works currently in the European External Action service in Brussels dealing with Civilian Crisis Management missions.
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