In Sweet Company: Conversations with Extraordinary Women about Living a Spiritual Life

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Februar 2006



 "In Sweet Company takes readers on a spiritual odyssey into the hearts and minds of some of the most influential women of our time Olympia Dukakis, Sister Helen Prejean, Riane Eisler, Zainab Salbi, Margaret Wheatley, Katherine Dunham, Reverend Lauren Artress, Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch, Sri Daya Mata, Rabbi Laura Geller, Le Ly Hayslip, Miriam Polster, Alma Flor Ada, and Gail Williamson. For all these women, their spiritual life nourishes them and serves as a dependable compass for decision making. Written with warmth and wisdom, "In Sweet Company tells their stories, their personal journeys, and relates their thoughts on living a spiritual life.  


Preface. Introduction. One: Sister Helen Prejean. Two: Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch. Three: Miriam Polster. Four: Alma Flor Ada. Five: Reverend Lauren Artress. Six: Olympia Dukakis. Seven: Riane Eisler. Eight: Le Ly Hayslip. Nine: Zainab Salbi. Ten: Katherine Dunham. Eleven: Margaret J. Wheatley. Twelve: Rabbi Laura Geller. Thirteen: Gail Williamson. Fourteen: Sri Daya Mata. Epilogue. Acknowledgments. Permissions. About the Author. Index.


Margaret Wolff is a writer, speaker, and consultant whose work celebrates women's growth and development. For the past 20 years, she has brought together groups of women to create hundreds of "learning communities" -- support groups, workshops and retreats that span the developmental divides of a woman's life and programs that foster self-discovery and spiritual integration, conflict resolution and forgiveness, and a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. Her website,, receives thousands of hits each month, and her growing monthly newsletter reaches 2500 people. She is active in speaking to many different kinds of groups and organizations and estimates that she reaches 6000+ people per year, with substantial back of room sales.

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