Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit: A Children's Classic at 100

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Thirteen essays explore the timeless appeal of Peter's antics and the impact of this extraordinary book on children worldwide. Contributors, each a respected scholar in the field of children's literature, examine details of Potter's life, her history as an artist, her accomplishments as a naturalist, and the contextual factors affecting her writing and illustrations.


Margaret Mackey is Assistant Professor at the School of Library and Information Studies, and Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Secondary Education, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.


Something for everyone...for laypeople, the book provides interesting approaches and illuminating criticism to aid in a deeper appreciation of a truly significant work of children's literature...literary critics will find the collection offers innovative criticism and invaluable historical background...for teachers, the collection provides insightful close readings, ideas for making connections between the book and other disciplines, and even examples of schoolchildren's reactions to the book. Children's Literature The strength of this book is the range of approaches taken by the chapters' authors toward understanding The Tale of Peter Rabbit. I suspect the longer view of what this book will add to the literature on Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit will come from scholars integrating ideas across the chapters...this book will no doubt become an important addition to children's literature scholarship. Children's Literature Association Quarterly Will be of interest to public librarians, librarians responsible for children's services, children's literature enthusiasts, and social historians, as well as fans of Peter Rabbit everywhere...Regardless of your approach to children's books, you are likely to find something of interest here, especially if you are a Beatrix Potter fan or if you have responsibility for selecting material for children. Library Management
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