Pre-Raphaelite Painting and Nineteenth-Century Realism

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Marcia Werner challenges several long-standing beliefs about the Pre-Raphaelite painting movement, often characterized as a disparate group who pursued divergent, even antithetical goals. Werner argues that the Pre-Raphaelites developed and shared an artistic philosophy comprehensive enough to embrace all of their differences. She reconstructs this credo through careful study of writings by Pre-Raphaelite artists.


Part I. Theory: 1. Received opinion; 2. John Ruskin; 3. Modern Painters I: The theoretic faculty; 4. Modern Painters II: the imaginative faculty; 5. Ruskin's Pre-Raphaelitism; 6. Pre-Raphaelite assessment of Ruskin's influence; 7. The Germ; 8. William Michael Rossetti: history and time in Pre-Raphaelite art; 9. The interconnection of sacred and secular in Pre-Raphaelitism; 10. William Michael Rossetti's review articles; 11. John Stuart Mill: utilitarianism and the British Empire; 12. Thomas Carlyle and The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine; Part II. Practice: 13. The shared vision of Pre-Raphaelite realism; 14. Dante Gabriel Rossetti and French realism; 15. Dante Gabriel Rossetti: realism in early Pre-Raphaelite poetry; 16. Hand and Soul and St. Agnes of Intercession; 17. Dante Gabriel Rossetti: paintings and drawings; 18. Found; 19. John Everett Millais; 20. William Holman Hunt; 21. The Lady of Shalott; 22. May Morning on Magdalen Tower; 23. Ford Madox Brown; 24. Work and Cromwell on his Farm.


Marcia Werner is Adjunct Associate Professor of Art History at Temple University in Philadelphia.


' ... this is a fascinating book, which is argued very convincingly because it is so carefully based on empirical research and primary sources ... Werner's arguments will probably stand the test of time.' The Art Book 'It is already proving a stimulating addition to my students bibliographies and must become essential reading for scholars, students and lay enthusiasts alike - anyone interested in the thought, art or culture of nineteenth-century Europe.' True Principles
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