The Geometrical Language of Continuum Mechanics

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Juli 2010



Presents the fundamental concepts of modern differential geometry within the framework of continuum mechanics.


Part I. Motivation and Background: 1. The case for differential geometry; 2. Vector and affine spaces; 3. Tensor algebras and multivectors; Part II. Differential Geometry: 4. Differentiable manifolds; 5. Lie derivatives, lie groups, lie algebras; 6. Integration and fluxes; Part III. Further Topics: 7. Fibre bundles; 8. Inhomogeneity theory; 9. Connection, curvature, torsion; Appendix A. A primer in continuum mechanics.


Marcelo Epstein is currently a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Calgary, Canada. His main research has centered around the various aspects of modern continuum mechanics and its applications. A secondary related area of interest is biomechanics. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Mechanics, recipient of the Cancam prize and University Professor of Rational Mechanics. He is also adjunct Professor in the Faculties of Humanities and Kinesiology at the University of Calgary.


'The book is suitable for graduate students in the field of continuum mechanics who seek an introduction to the fundamentals of modern differential geometry and its applications in theoretical continuum mechanics. It will also be useful to researchers in the field of mechanics who look for overviews of the more specialized topics. The book is written in a very enjoyable and literary style in which the rich and picturesque language sheds light on the mathematics.' Mathematical Reviews 'I warmly recommend this book to all interested in differential geometry and mechanics.' Zentralblatt MATH
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