Emotion, Development, and Self-Organization

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This is the first time a book will examine principles of self-organization.


Introduction: a new approach to study of emotional development Marc D. Lewis and Isabela Granic; Part I: Intrapersonal Processes: 2. Self organization of discrete emotions, emotion patterns, and emotion-cognition relations Carroll Izard; 2. Emotional self-organization at three time scales Marc D. Lewis; 3. Emotions as episodes of subsystem synchronization driven by nonlinear appraisal processes Klaus R. Scherer; 5. Surprise! Facial expressions can be coordinative motor structures Linda Camras; 6. The dynamic construction of emotion: varieties in anger M. F. Mascolo; Part II: Neurobiological Perspectives: 7. The self-organization of the right brain and the neurobiology of emotional development Alan N. Schore; 8. Motivation of neural plasticity: neural mechanisms in the self-organization of depression Kate Harkness and Don M. Tucker; 9. Emotion is essential to all intentional behaviors Walter J. Freeman; 10. The neurodynamics of emotions: an evolutionary-neurodevelopmental view Jaak Panksepp; Part III. Interpersonal Processes: 11. Beyond bidirectional models of parent-child relations: a self-organization perspective Isabela Granic; 12. Attachment and self-organization Deborah Laible and Ross Thompson; 13. The dynamics of emotion-related behaviors in infancy C. de Weerth and Paul van Geert; 14. Theoretical and mathematical modeling of marriage K. D. Ryan and J. M. Gottman; 15. The dynamics of emotion: metaphors, methods, and models of development Daniel P. Keating and Fiona K. Miller.


'Read the chapters of this book to get a state-of-the-art rendering of the co-dynamics of the brain and body, the person and context, in the formation and development of the emotions ... This book takes a huge, meritorious step towards encompassing the dynamic system of emotional experience. Read and discover what can happen when scientists collect the immeasurably raw data from their own hearts.' Alan Fogel, from the Foreword
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