The Business of Changing the World: Twenty Great Leaders on Strategic Corporate Philanthropy

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September 2006



How companies can make the world a better place while enhancing their own corporate culture
When Marc Benioff founded, he had a vision to change the model for philanthropic giving. In just five years, in addition to touching thousands of lives, his employees are happier and more fulfilled and his communities are loyal to the brand. In "The Business of Changing the World," Benioff, along with 19 other exceptional leaders, share their untold stories of how their companies are making a real difference-- and how any other company can do the same. Through their compelling tales, they reveal how giving back to the community creates a win-win situation for both businesses and the public.


Marc Benioff is chairman and CEO of He founded the company in 1999 with a vision to create an on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) solution that would replace traditional enterprise software technology. Under Benioff's direction, has grown from a groundbreaking idea into a publicly traded company that is the market and technology leader in on-demand business services.

Throughout his career, Benioff has also been committed to using information technology to produce positive social change. In 2000 he launched the Salesforce Foundation-now a multi-million global organization-that pioneered the "1 percent model," whereby the company contributes 1 percent of profits, 1 percent of equity, and 1 percent of employee hours back to the communities it serves. Benioff is the author of two books, The Business of Changing the World and Compassionate Capitalism. Acknowledging his devotion to finding solutions to global challenges, the Members of the World Economic Forum named Benioff a "Global Leader of Tomorrow"-one of 100 leaders in business, politics, and the arts committed to addressing social issues.

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