Beyond the Pale

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A collection of essays written in the aftermath of September 11th in which Aronson weighed out how art, history, and books for younger readers could respond to the altered world. As in his previous collection, Exploding the Myths, the Truth About Teenagers and Reading, he exposes the mythologies and false beliefs that distort our understanding of books and their readers.


Part 1 Section 1: What Is the "Multi" in Muliticulture? Part 2 Section 2: 9/11 and Its Aftermath, Art Part 3 Section 3: 9/11 and Its Aftermath, History Part 4 Section 4: Teen Troubles, the Challenges of Publishing for Adolescent Readers Part 5 Secttion 5: Boy Troubles, the Challenges of Being a Male Reader Part 6 Section 6: Back to Particulars and Universals


Marc Aronson is Editorial Director and Vice-President of Non-Fiction Content Development at Carus Publishing company and has written widely on young adult literature.


This single volume reveals the wider context of Aronson's particular concerns as a publisher, writer, and reader of young adult literature. Passionate and unafraid of stirring up controversy, Aronson notes the gap between what young people want to know and read and what well-meaning adults want them to know and read. The Horn Book Magazine Aronson's words will prompt discussion about the direction of young adult literature, and his thoughts will resound throughout the library field...Controversial? Yes. Interesting? Yes. Is it a must-read for professionals working with young adults? A definite yes. VOYA ...presents a cohesive whole of multiple ideas...This excellent book should be required reading for anyone who cares about young adults and their literature. Library Journal
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