Game Theory and Mutual Misunderstanding

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September 2004



This book consists of five acts and two interludes, which are all written as dialogues between three main characters and other supporting characters. Each act discusses the epistemological, institutional and methodological foundations of game theory and economics, while using various stories and examples. A featured aspect of those discussions is that many forms of mutual misunderstanding are involved in social situations as well as in those fields themselves. One Japanese traditional comic story called the Konnyaku Mondo is representative and gives hints of how our thought is constrained by incorrect beliefs. Each dialogue critically examines extant theories and common misunderstanding in game theory and economics in order to find possible future developments of those fields. TOC:Prologue.- Act 1 The reversal of particularity and generality in economics.- Act 2 Konnyaku Mondo and game theory.- Act 3 The market economy in a rage.- Interlude 1 Clouds hanging over economics and game theory.- Interlude 2 Game theory in a crisis.- Act 4 Decision making and Nash equilibrium.- Act 5 The individual and society.- Epilogue.


The reversal of particularity and generality in economics.- Konnyaku Mondo and Game Theory.- The market economy in a rage.- Decision making and Nash equilibrium.- The individual and society.



From the reviews:
"The book is indeed a scientific dialogue, written in the form of a theatrical work in five acts. ... most valuable for anyone launching a career related to game theory. ... The book might form the basis for an informal seminar, or could well be recommended for additional reading in connection with ... formal treatment of game theory. The topics are well chosen, and the writing is entertaining and of high quality. The book is a welcome addition to the literature on game theory." (Gerald A. Heuer, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1065, 2005)
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