Marketing Strategies: New Approaches, New Techniques

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August 1995



Marketing is continually having to adopt new approaches and techniques to respond to a changing business environment that is characterised by increasing consumer sophistication, deregulation, time-based competition, and lack of market growth. Such adaptive techniques have led to marked change in marketing practices over the years. This selection of papers from "Long Range Planning - The International Journal of Strategic Management" reflects the key contemporary issues and developments in marketing strategy that face organisations as they approach the next century. What emerges is an holistic view of the full range of changes that are taking place in marketing that both demonstrates the current state of marketing technique and provides a glimpse of where marketing is heading in the future.


Chapter headings: Introduction (Malcolm McDonald). Part 1- Regenerating the Business. Part 2 - The Role of Product/Service Quality in Commercial Success. Part 3 - Identifying Market Needs. Part 4 - Relationship Marketing. Part 5 - Changes in Channel Structure and Power Shifts. Part 6 - Marketing Strategies for Service Businesses. Part 7 - Time-Based Competition and Systems Thinking.


If you are a bit of a thinker and strategist looking for marketing inspiration then this book is for you. What is good about it is that it covers many aspects of running a business and cites applications in many different industries, so there is always something relevant... As it comprises a series of short articles is is easy to pick and choose subjects for reference. I found it stimulating. It is well edited and very easy to read. Executive Engineer, 1997. Executive Engineer Sultan Kermally Malcolm McDonald in his capacity as an editor has put together a range of marketing articles written by well-known authors and consultants. In his introduction...He writes, 'the framework had to reflect the key contemporary issues facing organisations as they approach the new millennium. 'From his involvement with the study conducted for the Chartered Institute of Marketing he singles out the following issues: * buyer sophistication; * lack of market growth; * industry and market regulation; * changes in channel structure and power shifts; * transition to systems thinking and time-based competition. Various articles in the book focus readers' attention to the changing profile of the business world and how some organizations are responding to competitive challenges by learning to become proactive in their marketing approach and break out from 'antiquated paradigms'. The editor has succeeded in his objective. Strategic Change, 1997
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