Islam For Dummies

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April 2003



This guide is designed to help demystify the Islamic religion, presenting information in a balanced and friendly way. The primary market includes general-interest readers who want to learn more about a religion that is making headlines nearly every day.


Introduction.Part I: Understanding the Basics.Chapter 1: Approaching Islam.Chapter 2: Tracing the Path of Islamic History.Chapter 3: Submitting to God.Chapter 4: What Muslims Believe.Chapter 5: Standing Before God: Heaven and Hell.Part II: Muhammad: The Man, the Book, and Rules of Law.Chapter 6: The Prophet: Muhammad.Chapter 7: The Book: The Qur'an.Chapter 8: Islamic Tradition and Law.Part III: Becoming Familiar with Muslim Daily Life.Chapter 9: The Five Pillars of Worship: Foundations of Islam.Chapter 10: Observing Other Religious Rituals and Customs.Chapter 11: Muslim Ethics: Living the Good Life.Part IV: Recognizing That All Muslims Aren't the Same.Chapter 12: Shi'ites.Chapter 13: Sufis.Chapter 14: Exploring Lesser-Known Sects Linked to Islam.Chapter 15: Islam in America.Part V: Considering Islam's Concept of Abrahamic Religions.Chapter 16: Seeking Common Roots: Abrahamic Religion and Beyond.Chapter 17: Seeking Common Ground.Chapter 18: Meeting the Challenge of Modernity.Part VI: The Part of Tens.Chapter 19: Ten Muslim Contributions to World Civilization.Chapter 20: Ten Noteworthy Muslims, Past and Present.Chapter 21: Ten Islamic Regions in the News Today.Part VII: Appendixes.Appendix A: Counting the Years: The Muslim Calendar.Appendix B: Glossary.Appendix C: Resources: Digging Deeper.Index.


Professor Malcolm Clark taught in the Department of Religion at Butler University for 30 years.
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