Tattoo: An Anthropology

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August 2005



In the 1830s, missionaries in French Polynesia sought to suppress the traditional art of tattooing because they believed it to be a barbaric practice. More than 150 years later, tattooing is once again thriving in French Polynesia. This engrossing book documents the meaning of tattooing in contemporary French Polynesian society. In this case, its resurgence is part of a vibrant cultural revival movement. Kuwahara examines the complex significance of the art, including its relationship to gender, youth culture, ethnicity and prison life. She also provides unique photographic evidence of the sophisticated techniques and varied forms that characterize French Polynesian tattooing today.


Introduction Discontinuity and Displacement: Place and History of Tattooing Tapu and Body - Tattooing in the Late Eighteenth CenturyRecovering Ma'ohi Skin - Renaissance of Tattooing Different Skins - Change through European Contact Religious Influence: Evangelization and Tattooing Law and Punishment Tattooing and Resistance Conclusion Practice and Form Practice of Tattooing Form of Tattoos Categories of Tattoo Form Conclusion Marking Taure'are' a: Social Relationships and TattooingGender, Ethnic and Age Differences in Tahitian Society Meeting Tattooists in Tahiti Tahitian Tattoo World Creation and Transformation of Tattooing Conclusion Exchanges in Taputapuatea: Localization and Globalization Tatau i Taputapuatea History of Polynesian and Non-Polynesian Tattooing Ownership and Transmission of Tattooing Friendship Bond in Tahitian Tattoo World Exchange in Taputapuatea Tattooing Non-Polynesian: In the Case of Michel Raapoto Four Ownerships of Tattoo Conclusion Dancing and Tattooing at Festivals: Tahitian, Polynesian and Marquesan Identities Festivals and Images of Islands Heiva Festival of Pacific Arts Marquesan Art Festival Conclusion Inscribing the Past, Present and Future: In the Nuutania Prison The Road to the Nuutania Prison Le centre pnitentiare de Nuutania The Prison Life and Tattooing The Inmate Tattooists The Spatiality of Prison Tattooing Body in the Past, Present and Future Conclusion Conclusion


Makiko Kuwahara is Research Fellow at the Department of Anthropology, Goldsmiths College, University of London.


'Tattoo - Anthropology, despite its subtitle, is a pretty sexy book.' Joe Ambrose, Outside Books Kuwahara provides a sophisiticated, well-written, and well-argued analysis, in which she presents Tahitian tattooing in all its complexity and potential contradictions. Museum Anthropology
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