Historical Dictionary of The Salvation Army

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Part 1 Series Editor's Foreword Part 2 Foreword by General Shaw Clifton Part 3 Editor's Preface Part 4 List of Acronyms and Abbreviations Part 5 Chronology Part 6 Introduction Part 7 THE DICTIONARY Part 8 Appendixes Chapter 9 A. The Generals of The Salvation Army Chapter 10 B. The Chiefs of the Staff of The Salvation Army Chapter 11 C. Wives of the Generals of The Salvation Army Chapter 12 D. Children of William and Catherine Booth Chapter 13 E. Doctrines of The Salvation Army Chapter 14 F. International Spiritual Life Commission Affirmations Chapter 15 G. Ranks and Designations Chapter 16 H. Commissioners, 1880-2005 Chapter 17 I. Recipients of the Order of the Founder, 1920-2005 Part 18 Bibliographical Essay Part 19 Bibliography Part 20 Contributor List


Major John G. Merritt became a Salvationist in 1966 and was commissioned a Salvation Army officer in 1968. For the next 33 years, he served in pastoral, inner city, editorial, educational, and historical agency appointments in the USA and Chile, retiring with the rank of major in 2001 after 11 years as director of The Salvation Army's Southern Historical Center, Atlanta, Georgia.


Major Merritt's admirable dictionary fills a long-felt need for a comprehensive, scholarly reference source of information about The Salvation Army. Here is an essential tool for anyone interested in the growth and work of this Movement. I strongly recommend it. -- General John A. Larsson, International Leader of The Salvation Army, London A must for all who would study the movement. -- Russell E. Richey, Dean and Professor of Church History Candler School Of Theology, Emory University This volume is an important reference work for those interested in the history, organization, structure, beliefs, and activities of the Salvation Army... -- April 2008 International Bulletin Of Missionary Research ...more than 450 individuals contributed to this [book] covering the 'history, organization, structure, beliefs, and activities' of the Salvation Army. Booklist, 1/1/2007 This is an impressive work of scholarship that is highly recommended for academic, seminary, and large public libraries. American Reference Books Annual, vol. 38 (2007) An important new source... Revitalization, Spring 2007 (vol 14, no 1) Over one and a half million people are members and they have adherents in 109 countries. Both men and women preach, teach, heal and administrate. One Corps Sergeant-Major was a member of the Swedish Parliament. Formal affiliation as a soldier includes a swearing-in ceremony, and official uniform standards are adjusted according to climate. From abstinence to the story of founder William Booth to holiness meetings to the work in the Zimbabwe territory, these hundreds of entries are augmented by such helpful features as a chronology, an introduction, statements of doctrine, and explanations of ranks and designations. Also included are a bibliographic essay and very comprehensive bibliography by and about the Salvation Army and a photo collection. The result is very useful in understanding not only the Salvation Army but also other faith-based social service organizations and the religious side of progressivism and social action movements. Reference and Research Book News, November 2006
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