Spectroscopic and electrochemical Studies on metal complexes

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The reagent 1- hydroxy-2-acetonaphthone (HAN), its Schiff bases, hydrazones and their metal chelates represent an important class in coordination chemistry and pigment industry. These compounds also possess excellent bacteriostatic properties in vitro against microorganisms, facilitate the iron mobilization from 59Fe labelled reticulocytes and also have a remarkable anticancer effect in tumour growth and antileukemic activity. Thus, the work in this book is focused on the geometry, redox properties, nature, kinetics and mechanism of the electrode couples of HAN, its Schiff bases and hydrazones and their metal chelates in solution and in solid states employing elemental, thermal analyses, spectroscopic and voltammetric techniques.Hence, the overall work in this book can be provided in five chapters.In first one,General Introduction.chapter two,Physicochemical characterization of 1-hydroxy-2-acetonaphthone and its complexes.Chapters3,4and 5 Physicochemical characterization of 2(1-hydroxy-2-acetonaphthol)-imino-2,or 4- substituted benzene Schiff bases and hydrazones.the last one cocerned with Voltammetric behaviour of HAN and its Schiff bases complexes.


Mai Mostafa Ahmed Hassan Shanab a scientific egyption women live in Saudi Arabia have expert in toxicology and drugs now,am assistant professor in inorganic chemistry in salman bin Abdulaziz University,college of science and Humanity studies (Girls section) in Al-Aflaj.Interested of quality assurance processes in higher education institutions.
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