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This book elaborately examines Turkish organized crime groups, revealing their emergence and growing in Turkey and becoming some of the most dominant criminal organizations operating mainly in Europe. The book demonstrates that organized crime groups operating in Turkey and Turkish criminal organizations in Europe whose members are composed mainly of Turkish immigrants operate globally by having criminal networks in different regions of the world. Drawing on a wide body of academic research - diverse reports, field work and interviews conducted by the author over the last twelve years in Turkey and Europe - Mahmut Cengiz concludes that Turkish organized crime regionally and globally will be active as long there exist the impacts of several factors such as the geographic position of Turkey, increasing demand for illicit trade, immigrants from developing countries in Turkey, Turkish Diaspora communities in different regions of the world, and obstacles to effective law enforcement cooperation.


Dr. Mahmut Cengiz is a Chief Superintendent for the Turkish National Police where he currently works as the deputy director of TADOC Academy. He got field experiences in the areas of organized crime, nuclear and arms smuggling, witness protection and undercover unit. He holds two master and two doctorate degrees from Turkey and USA.
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