Teaching English as a Foreign Language from a New Literacy Perspective

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'Teaching English as a Foreign Language from a New Literacy Perspective' is both a guide for Egyptian EFL student teachers, and a resource book for all EFL teacher educators teaching TESOL/TEFL Methodology. Along with the basic knowledge that EFL student teachers need, the book conveys my understanding of how TESOL/TEFL should be tackled within the Egyptian context in the light of the new literacy challenges imposed by the 21st century, and the sub-sequent new language learning and literacy theories. In addition, it tackles the main language aspects/skills from a new literacy perspective that recognises the important role of many Web-based facilities as online spaces for English learning and practice. The book can be an updated resource in the TESOL field that considers the new reality of English language learning that has been considerably shaped by the technological innovations and the sub- sequent new literacy practices that have recently come to the fore with the unprecedented influence of the Web in our life. Moreover, the book is the culmination of my theoretical and practical experience as a researcher and TEFL teaching assistant for more than 10 years.


Mahmoud Mohammad Sayed Abdallah is Assistant Lecturer of Curriculum & TEFL/TESOL Methodology at Assiut University College of Education, Assiut,Egypt. Currently, he is studying for PhD (TESOL) at the Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter, England, UK. Homepage: and E-mail address:
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