India's Rise as a Global R&D Hub: the Role of the Government

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Juli 2011



In spite of India's rapid rise as a research and development (R&D) hub in recent years, researchers have not kept pace with the phenomenon and currently there are only a handful of works concerning India's R&D. While the literature on global R&D shows the government's significance in driving a country's R&D growth, scant efforts have been made to understand the Indian government's role in the context. The author addresses this scholarly gap through examining the actions taken by the Indian government and investigating as to how they have impacted the R&D. The author categorises the government's role into four specific faactors and denotes them as government-initiated drivers: S&T policies, public R&D, education, and infrastructure. Having identified the deficit areas where the Indian government requires further improvement, the author lays out alternative policies that will facilitate India to move forward with greater R&D success. The book is exploratory in nature and drawn upon systematic synthesis of data from 95 course materials. The findings are invaluable to the research and academic communities, government and policymaking agencies, and corporate and consulting executives.


Mahdi Amin (MPhil, BA) is a multiple award-winning and BBC featured doctoral researcher based at the University of Cambridge. In his PhD, Mahdi draws on the theoretical lens of dynamic capabilities and uses the context of electric cars in the auto industry - so as to examine the success factors of supplier integration into new product development.
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