Postnatal mental disorder effect on timely initiation of breastfeeding

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Dezember 2014



Prevalence of postpartum mental disorders ranges from 5 to 21 percent depending on the timing and method of assessment and is found to have an influence on the timely initiation of breastfeeding (TIBF). However, community-based epidemiological data on post-partum mental disorders from developing countries and its effect on TIBF are scarce. This study was conducted in rural area of Wardha district, India to assess prevalence of postnatal mental health problems and its effect on TIBF. We assessed 364 women in the post natal period (one week post-delivery) for mental health problems by GMHAT/PC and its influence on TIBF was carried by univariate and logistic regression analyses. Prevalence of postnatal mental health disorders was 60 (16.48%). Among the participants detected with mental disorders, the TIBF was reported by 8 (13.33%) participants. Among these, women with mental disorder symptoms were less likely to timely initiate breastfeeding. Addressing mental health disorder symptoms experienced by women during and after pregnancy may improve TIBF and duration of breastfeeding and may have implications for policies regarding maternal and childcare programmes.


Dr Mahafroz Khatib,BDS;MPH
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Untertitel: Prevalence of postnatal mental health problems using GMHAT/PC and its effect on timely initiation of breast feeding in women from rural area of Wardha District, India. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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