Civil Society Exposed: The Politics of Ngos in Egypt

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April 2005



This book examines the debate on the relevance of the concept of civil society to social and political change and the role its most well-known agents, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), play in promoting emancipatory projects. The author analyzes the empirical case of Egyptian "civil society" in order to ascertain whether the experience of civil society organizations, and of NGOs in particular, validates the contention prevalent in academic and policy circles that civil society is the main engine for social and political transformation. The author concludes that civil society, far from constituting this engine, is a politically contested terrain characterized by authoritarian and repressive tendencies.


Maha M. Abdelrahman in Assistant Professor in Sociology at The American University of Cairo.


"An important study on a very significant subject matter."--Asef Bayat, St. Antony's College, Oxford
"An important contribution to the debate concerning NGOs in Egypt and of the whole civil society issue within the development framework. Such studies as this are not commonplace."--J.W.H. Harrod, Professor Emeritus, Institute of Social Studies, University of Amsterdam
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