Re-Presenting the Good Society

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April 2006



A proposal for negotiating the tension between an anti-authoritarian impulse and a guiding idea of context-transcending validity in critical social theory.


Maeve Cooke is Associate Professor of German Social and Political Thought at University College Dublin. She is the author of Language and Reason: A Study of Habermas's Pragmatics (MIT Press, 1994) and editor of On the Pragmatics of Communication (MIT Press, 1998), a collection of essays by Jurgen Habermas.


"Cooke offers a clear and cogent articulation of a central problem in critical theory and a concrete, detailed, and imaginative proposal for how to reconcile it. Her scholarship is of the highest level. This is a really fine piece of work that will make a significant contribution to the field."--Amy R. Allen, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Women's and Gender Studies, Dartmouth College
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