The Business of Sustainable Forestry - Case Studies: Analyses and Case Studies

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April 1998



In 1996, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation brought together leading experts from business, environmental groups, universities, and foundations to explore the restructuring of the forest products industry into a more sustainable enterprise. The result is a series of sixteen case studies and analyses that examine the shift to sustainability from all angles and in all parts of the world. Each individual case study is also available separately.


The pursuit of innovation - sustainable forestry within an industry context; marketing products from sustainably managed forests - an emerging opportunity; emerging technologies for sustainable forestry; Aracruz Cellulose SA and Riocell SA - efficiency and sustainability on Brazilian pulp plantations; Collins Pine - lessons from a pioneer; J. Sainsbury's plc and The Home Depot - retailer's impact on sustainability; Menominee Tribal Enterprises - sustainable forestry to improve forest health and create jobs; non-industrial private forest landowners - building the business case for sustainable forestry; Precious Woods, Ltd; STORA - the road to certification.
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