Earthquake-resistant Design of Masonry Buildings

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Juli 1999



In the last few decades, a considerable amount of experimental and analytical research in the seismic behaviour of masonry walls and buildings has been carried out. The investigations resulted in the development of methods for seismic resistance analysis and design, as well as new seismic resistance technologies and construction systems. After many centuries of traditional use and decades of allowable stresses verification, clear concepts for limit state verification of the seismic resistance of masonry buildings have recently been introduced in the seismic codes.Although this book is not a review of the state-of-the-art earthquake-resistant design of masonry structures, an attempt has been made to balance the discussion on recent code requirements, state-of-the-art methods of earthquake-resistant design and the author's research work in order to make the book useful for a broader application in the design practice. An attempt has also been made to present, in a condensed but easy to understand way, all the information needed for earthquake-resistant design of masonry buildings constructed in traditional masonry construction systems. The basic concepts of limit state verification are presented and equations for seismic resistance verification of masonry walls of all types of masonry construction, unreinforced, confined, and reinforced, as well as masonry in filled reinforced concrete frames, are explained. A method for seismic resistance verification, compatible with recent code requirements, is also discussed. In all cases, experimental results are used to explain the proposed methods and equations.An important part of this book discusses the problems of seismic repair, retrofitand rehabilitation of existing masonry buildings, including historical houses in urban nuclei. Methods of strengthening the masonry walls as well as improving the structural integrity of existing buildings are described in detail. Wherever possible, experimental evidence re


Earthquakes and seismic performance of masonry buildings;
masonry materials and construction systems;
architectural and structural concepts of earthquake-resistant building configuration;
floors and roofs;
basic concepts of limit state verification of seismic resistance of masonry buildings;
seismic resistance verification of structural walls;
masonry infilled reinforced concrete frames;
seismis resistance verification of masonry buildings;
repair and strengthening of masonry buildings.
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