Canadian Semantic Web

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Canadian Semantic Web is an edited volume based on the first Canadian Web Working Symposium, June 2006, in Quebec, Canada. It is the first edited volume based on this subject. This volume includes, but is not limited to, the following popular topics: "Trust, Privacy, Security on the Semantic Web", "Semantic Grid and Semantic Grid Services" and "Semantic Web Mining".


Keynote session.- Service-Oriented Computing: Multiagent Foundation, Robust Applications, and Research Agenda.- Technical session: Applications I.- A Semantic Web Mediation Architecture.- Applying and Inferring Fuzzy Trust in Semantic Web Social Networks.- A Trust Model for Sharing Ratings of Information Providers on the Semantic Web.- Technical session: Applications II.- A Distributed Agent System upon Semantic Web Technologies to Provide Biological Data.- Fulfilling the Needs of a Metadata Creator and Analyst- An Investigation of RDF Browsing and Visualization Tools.- A Rule-based Approach for Semantic Annotation Evolution in the CoSWEM System.- Technical session: Ontologies I.- Integrating Ontologies by means of Semantic Partitioning.- Toward the Identification and Elimination of Semantic Conflicts for the Integration of RuleML-based Ontologies.- Incorporating Multiple Ontologies into the IEEE Learning Object Metadata Standard.- Ontoligent Interactive Query Tool.- Technical session: Ontologies II.- DatalogDL: Datalog Rules Parameterized by Description Logics.- Resolution Based Explanations for Reasoning in the Description Logic ALC.- Completion Rules for Uncertainty Reasoning with the Description Logic ALC.
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