Build Your Own Wireless LAN with Projects

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Shows you how to design, install, and configure IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs at data rates of 11-54 Mbps, and higher. This title: explains how radio-frequency operation works; gets to the bottom of IEEE 802.11, 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g; and, discusses WLAN operation with Bluetooth or HomeRF.


Chapter 1: Wireless Revolution Chapter 2: Wireless LAN Basics Chapter 3: Wireless Internet in Every Room Chapter 4: Home Office and Small Office Wireless LANs Chapter 5: Virtual Office from Your Easy Chair Chapter 6: Wireless LAN Security Chapter 7: The High-tech Home Chapter 8: Wireless Office and Campus LANs Chapter 9: Traveling Wirelessly Chapter 10: Internet-enabled Cellular Phones and PDA's Appendix Index


James Trulove has accumulated more than a quarter century of experience in LAN and data communications systems with companies such as Motorola, ISG, and Intel. Trulove has an extensive background in designing, installing, and troubleshooting LAN cabling and networks, and currently works for a leading distributor of networking systems and equipment.


Ideal for professionals and non-techies alike, this self-tutoring guide provides a painless way to learn wireless LAN design and development with off-the-shelf products. It includes a complete deployment plan for simple wireless networks, projects built with just a WaveLAN card and ethernet connection. The guide also shows how to tune networks with the latest range-enhancement and interference-minimization techniques.
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