American Places: In Search of the Twenty-First Century Campus

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April 2006



Takes note of the fact that American higher education institutions are giving renewed attention to the question of how the quality and character of place can support the endeavors of the institutions. This book calls for campuses to be conceived to heighten the quality of the learning experience.


M. PERRY CHAPMAN is a professional planner and principal at Sasaki Associates, Inc., where he specializes in college campus design. He also directed the firm's environmental plans for the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics and the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. He has lectured at several colleges, presented numerous conference papers, and has written articles on campus design for journals and publications such as Architecture and the Architectural Record Review. He was a finalist in the 1982 Mitchell Prize international competition for essays on the sustainable society and a 1984 Practitioner Fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in Cambridge, MA.


Chapman takes into consideration the current pressures on college campuses to provide not only a sense of place for students and staff but also space for ideas about more healthy and humane civic environments. Going far beyond the questions of where to put the quad and how to shield the offal coming in and out of dining halls, Chapman describes the changes in the academic village in the twentieth century, the effects of cyberspace and globalization along with the new demography and finance, the role of the campus as civic and marketplace metaphor, and the ethic of place in finding a harmonic convergence. He closes with commentary on finding an American campus form that meets the demands of the next generation for sustainability and responsibility. -- Reference & Research Book News
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