Recreational and Environmental Markets for Forest Enterprises: A New Approach Towards Marketability of Public Goods

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Juli 2001



It is now increasingly recognized that forests have multiple functions, and can provide opportunities for leisure, recreation and tourism, and other environmental benefits, as well as timber. In general, such "public goods" are assumed not to be marketable. However, this book challenges this assumption, and shows how these issues can be tackled from an economics and marketing perspective.The work is based on an EU-funded project, conducted from four university or research centers: Hamburg (Germany), Padua (Italy), Vienna (Austria) and Wageningen (The Netherlands). Many case studies and original surveys are presented from these countries, which provide practical solutions to market these forest enterprises. These empirical data are then related to economic models concerning public goods. This book is relevant to those studying or involved in marketing in the forest tourism, recreation and leisure industries.


The empirical basis; economic strategies for transformation and product development; marketing tools for product development; contracts and organizations; management of multifunctional forests; delimination of property rights; forest policy analysis and implications.
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