From Box Office to Ballot Box: The American Political Film

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Februar 2007



Given the complexity and expense of making and distributing a film, the process of filmmaking is by its very nature also a political process. Through a film-by-film examination of the movies concerned with American politics, this title provides insights into American culture's perceptions of various political environments.


M. Keith Booker is Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of English at the University of Arkansas.


"Film may be the perfect creative medium through which to ponder, parody, and criticize the world of politics. Booker explores this relationship in an academic yet accessible discussion of American films that deal with politics and political issues. His examination of the genre is extensive-he cites and discusses over 250 films produced between 1911 and 2006-but a focus on a more select group may have been more effective; many films are mentioned so succinctly that the book reads more like an exercise in research than a vital list of works that represent the American political film. Readers interested in the subject most likely will already be familiar with the majority of the films and their political relevance. As a single-volume survey of a provocative and important genre, however, this is a unique and highly readable source. Recommended for academic and large public libraries." - Library Journal
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