International Monetary Economics, 1870 1960: Between the Classical and the New Classical

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September 2004



This is a history of international monetary thought from the end of the nineteenth to the middle of the twentieth century.


Preface; Part I. Preliminaries: 1. Introduction; 2. The classical mainstream and the nineteenth-century monetary controversies; Part II. Stream P Part I: The Neoclassicals: 3. The beginnings of the neoclassical tradition; 4. The locus classicus of the neoclassical position; 5. The Macmillan Committee; 6. A second diversion: Keynes and the Macmillan Committee; Part III. Stream P Part II: The Anti-Neoclassicals: 7. The anti-neoclassicals; Part IV. Stream P Part III: A Policy-Oriented Academic - Keynes: 8. Indian currency and finance: a tract on monetary reform; 9. A treatise on money; 10. Late Keynes: towards Bretton Woods; Part V. Stream P Part IV: Crisis: 11. The crisis writers; Part VI. Stream F Part I: The Late Classicals: 12. The late classicals; Part VII. Stream F Part II: Ohlin:13. Ohlin; Part VIII. Stream F Part III. The Keynesian Models: 14. The keynesians I; 15. The keynesians II; Part IX. The Confluence: 16. Post-keynes: MMM; Ex post; Bibliography; Index.


"The book is an important contribution to the history of economic thought. It also will be of value to specialists in international finance. Its importance, in my opinion, lies in the treatment of Keynes and the Keynesian models, and in relating them to their classical and neoclassical predecessors." Michael D. Bordo, Journal of Economic Literature "It is an excellent history--she leads the reader expertly through the relevant literature, making this book mandatory reading for graduate students in international monetary economics...[T]he book is a skillful survey, and is highly recommended to graduate students or anyone else thinking of doing research in the field." David C. Colander, History of Political Economy
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