The Un General Assembly

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November 2005



The UN General Assembly is arguably the most important discussion for global politics. This guide traces how this assembly has both reflected and accentuated the changing dynamics of global politics by providing a forum for global deliberations, an arena for conflict, and an additional site for diplomacy and transnational issue advocacy.
The book addresses areas that include:
- Development of the General Assembly
- The General Assembly process
- The General Assembly in relation to the Member States and the rest of the UN system
- Criticisms of the General Assembly
- The Assembly in the 21st Century
"The United Nations General Assembly" provides a balanced view of this institution, assessing its role and future whilst also addressing the various criticisms of the assembly. This is an ideal book for students of the United Nations, international organizations and global governance.


Introduction 1. Development of the General Assembly 2. The General Assembly Process 3. The General Assembly, the Member States, and the Rest of the UN System 4. Criticisms of the General Assembly in Historical Perspective 5. The General Assembly in the 21st Century 6. Resources


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