The Embryo Research Debate

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November 2006



Highly accessible cultural account of the debates concerning human embryo research.


Preface and acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; Introduction; 1. The background to the debate; 2. The sequence of parliamentary debate; 3. Political parties and ministerial tactics; 4. The impact of the pro-research lobby; 5. Embryos in the news; 6. Women and men; 7. Science and religion; 8. The myth of Frankenstein; 9. Embryo research and the slippery slope; Epilogue: intruders in the Fallopian tube or a dream of perfect human reproduction; Notes; Index.


'No parliamentary transcript or newspaper article has gone unread in Mulkay's definitive study of the politics of embryo research in Britain. The upshot of this narrative appears to be that the resolution of this public science controversy testifies to the wisdom of parliamentary democracy - but as in any Mulkay tale, appearances may be deceptive!' Steve Fuller, University of Durham 'In this brilliant and lucid book, Mulkay achieves the ultimate goal of science and technology studies: he gives us engaged yet dispassionate account of a multifaceted biomedical controversy.' Ruth Schwartz Cowan, State University of New York, Stony Brook 'As a major contribution to an understanding of embryo research, and to the complexities of parliamentary decision making more broadly, this book is highly impressive. For anyone concerned with developments in research on human embryos and reproductive techniques, it will be an essential read.' Christine Hine, Brunel University 'It is a scholarly contribution I expect will be of long-lasting value that Mulkay has compiled so rich a description of the ins and outs, the dates and the debates, the players and the positions in this singular moral controversy ... Mulkay's account is exemplary of the best ... Detailed, perceptive and thorough, it is a valuable portrait of an unusual public debate in Britain.' Sarah Franklin, Public Understanding of Science
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