Change or Die: How to Transform Your Organization from the Inside Out

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November 2005



Identifies the five key qualities of people and organizations with the courage and insight to inspire positive change--and get results.


The Inevitability of Change; The Great Change Mistakes; The Change Agent Solution; Change Agents Challenge the Status Quo; Change Agents Embrace Conflict; Change Agents Manage Risk, Not Avoid it; Change Agents Stoke the Fire of Creativity; Change Agents Help Create New Change Agents; Change Expectations and the New MBA; Notes; Bibliography; Index; About the Authors.


M. DAVID DEALY Is Senior Vice President of Transportation for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad. ANDREW R. THOMAS is the Managing Director of Erhart Enterprises, S.A., a worldwide distributor of consumer and industrial products. He has served on the faculties of the University of Toledo, La Universidad de Guayaquil in Ecuador, and the University of Akron.


"Dealy, senior vice president of transportation for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, highlights the key qualities of change agents who challenge the status quo. He outlines techniques for embracing conflict, managing risk, and developing new change agents, and demonstrates how corporate leaders can encourage and reward this behavior. Co-author Andrew R. Thomas teaches international business at the University of Akron." - Reference & Research Book News
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