Accountability of Peace Support Operations

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April 2005



Quis custodiet ipsos custodies? In other words, who guards the guardians? At a time when the mandate of many peace support operations includes halting violations of international humanitarian law by third parties, there is still a lack of clarity concerning accountability of peace support operations themselves. This book addresses that accountability, focusing on peace support operations under the command and control of the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; Table of Abbreviations; Definition and Characteristics of Peace Support Operations; Attribution of Conduct of Peace Support Operations; Scope of Application of International Humanitarian Law to Peace Support Operations; Legal Consequences of Accountability for Breaches of International Humanitarian Law by Peace Support Operations; Existing Mechanisms for Invoking Accountability for Violations of International Humanitarian Law by Peace Support Operations; Proposals for New Mechanisms for Invoking Accountability; Findings and Conclusions; Table of Cases; Bibliography.


Marten Zwanenburg is Legal Counsel at the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands. He holds a Ph.D. in International Law from Leiden University.
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