Medical Lives in the Age of Surgical Revolution

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An original and unusual history of doctors trained in Britain in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, and their careers in Britain and the empire. Anne Crowther and Marguerite Dupree describe the experience of a whole generation of doctors at a time of rapid changes in medical knowledge. Amongst them were Sophia Jex-Blake and the first group of medical women in Britain. Many became disciples of Joseph Lister as he trained them in his new methods of antiseptic surgery. Surgery was not confined to specialists, and Lister's methods were adapted to suit hospitals and households, peace and war. The medical schools were tools of Empire, sending students into general practice, military service, the mission fields, high-class consultancies and homeopathy in many lands. The book highlights the importance of medical networks - both male and female - and shows how doctors adapted to new methods in their profession.


Introduction; 1. Arrivals; 2. Student days: the shared experience of survival; 3. Joseph Lister and the teaching of surgery; 4. First steps: the first five years after qualification; 5. Jex-Blake's women: education and careers; 6. Varieties of practice; 7. Listerism in practice; 8. Lister's men abroad: settlers; 9. Lister's men abroad: imperialists, missionaries and enclaves; 10. Last days; Conclusion; Appendices; Select bibliography.


ANNE CROWTHER is Professor of Social History at the Centre for the History of Medicine, University of Glasgow. She has previously written THE WORKHOUSE SYSTEM 1834*1939 (1981) AND is the FORMER EDITOR OF SOCIAL HISTORY OF MEDICINE. MARGUERITE DUPREE is Reader in History of Medicine, Centrre for the Hisotry of Medicine, University of Glasgow, and a Fellow of Wolfson College, Cambridge. She has previously written Family Structure in the Staffordshire Potteries 1840-1880 (1995).


Review of the hardback: 'This is an important, detailed, impeccably well-researched study; it is ambitious, significant and yet aware of its limitations. It deserves a wide audience for the research methods that it employs as well as its particular empirical findings.' Local Population Studies '... fascinating and important book ...' The Scotsman
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