A New Meeting of the Religions

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The series seeks to introduce new readers -- and reintroduce old -- to works that integrate literary greatness with a serious consideration of theological issues or religious themes. Each work features an introduction by a major writer or scholar, an interview with the author, and a bibliography, making each book perfectly suited for classroom use.


Preface Part 1: Introduction, Terminology, and Representative Viewpoints
1. The New Encounter and the Christian Theology of Religions
2. Theology of Religions: Representative Viewpoints Part 2: Theology of Religions and Theological Questions
3. Articulating the Questions
4. The Christian Mission and Other Missions
5. Interreligious Relationships
6. The Redeemed Community, In History and Beyond Conclusion Notes Bibliography Index


."..a mature distillate of a life in mission service and empathetic connection with other ways of faith."
--Molly Marshall, Professor, Central Baptist Theological Seminary
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Untertitel: Interreligious Relationships and Theological Questioning. Sprache: Englisch.
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