Teaching the Holocaust in School History: Teachers or Preachers?

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August 2006



Foreword by Professor Clyde Chitty; Preface; Introduction: What is important about teaching the Holocaust in school history?;
1. History teachers on teaching the Holocaust;
2. What was the 'Holocaust'?;
3. Teaching the Holocaust before 1991;
4. The question of whether the Holocaust should be compulsory in school history;
5. Teaching the Holocaust in school history since 1991; Conclusion: Implications for the future.


Dr Lucy Russell lectures on the Primary PGCE and BA Ed courses at Goldsmiths College, University College London. Prior to that she was a History teacher in a Secondary School in Kent. She regularly writes for the TES.


"Teaching the Holocaust is a sensitive and contentious issue. Lucy Russell offers a clear and through outline of the arguments that have surrounded it. There is a fascinating behind-closed-doors account of how the topic passed in and out of favour with the history working group...Lucy Russell's own sympathies clearly lie with the Holocaust-as-ordinary-historical-topic camp, but she doesn't impose them; she invites is to debate the issues she has raised."--Sanford Lakoff "Tes "
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