Women in Culture

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An anthology which collects texts on women in culture and offers an introduction, for students in women's studies and feminism, to the cultural dimensions of women's experience. It reveals how the mass media, music, and pornography industries portray women, and how advertising promotes unattainable standards of beauty for women.


Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Part I: Cultural Construction of Gender: 1. Introduction to Women in Culture. 2. Commonalities and Differences Among Women: Cultural Intersections of Gender, Race, Class and Sexuality. 3. Cultural Images and Stereotypes of Women. Part II: Cultural Institutions Defining Women: 4. Women and Popular Culture I - Advertising. 5. Women and Popular Culture II - Television and Film. 6. Fashion, Beauty and Health. 7. Motherhood and Families. 8. Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse. Part III: Opportunities for Women in Culture: 9. Women Creating Culture. 10. Feminism and the Future. Suggested Activities. Bibliography. Index.


The editor teaches in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at the American University, Washington, D.C. She is editor (with Bob Leming) of the Resource Guide to Law-Related Education and editor of two volumes in the We The People series published by the American Bar Association: A Handbook on Community Forums on the Constitution, to which she is also a contriutor, and Program Planning Guide for Community Forums on the Constitution.


"Helpful, editorial summaries of the field, a diverse selection of 'readings'." Journal of American Studies
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