The International Commission of Jurists: The Pioneering Years

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August 2000



This volume presents a survey of the early history and activities of the International Commission of Jurists, highlighting its achievements in defining, developing and promoting the rule of law. It aims to make readers aware of the Commission's role in the evolution of the rule of law concept.


1. Establishment of the International Commission of Jurists: Its Goals and Strategies.
2. The Congress of Athens.
3. The Norman Marsh Period.
4. The Congress of New Delhi.
5. The Significance of the Delhi Conclusions.
6. The Commission as Global Watchdog of the Rule of Law.
7. The First Regional Conference of Jurists Meets at Lagos.
8. The Results of the Congress of Rio de Janeiro.
9. A New Leadership and Shifts in Focus.
10. The South-East Asian and Pacific Conference at Bangkok.
11. National Sections as Structures for Promoting the Rule of Law.
12. Regional Conferences, Seminars and Colloquia (1966-1970).
13. In-depth Studies on the Rule of Law and Human Rights.
14. Reviewing Aspects of the Rule of Law.
15. Judicial Application of the Rule Of Law.
16. Collaboration with the United Nations and Other International Organizations.
17. The Commission's Programmes and Projects for the International Year for Human Rights.
18. An Overview of the Commission's Contribution to the Global Development of the Rule of Law. Index.
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