Frontline Teamwork: One Company's Story of Success

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Juli 1993



As today's corporations continue to integrate the principles of teamwork into their competitive strategies, employees are expected to understand and adjust to their new roles accordingly. However, the transition to teamwork isn't always easy - but it helps when you know what to expect. Frontline Teamwork is a lively, engaging story that traces a company's real-world progression from traditional management to teamwork and total quality - highlighting typical challenges, rewards, and decisions employees must face along the way. While the story is fictitious, readers will uncover valuable guidelines and improvement strategies that have very tangible and practical uses in today's work environments. Entertaining and educational for managers, supervisors, and workers in all industries, Frontline Teamwork includes clear explanations of the roles and responsibilities of supervisors, facilitators, and team members during each stage of the team-building process to ensure a smooth transition to teams; helpful do's and don't's, problem-solving techniques, and 10 rules and guidelines for effectively structuring improvement project teams and self-directed work teams; and discussion sections at the end of each chapter to help readers apply improvement concepts and strategies to their own teams. Addressing productivity and quality improvement, global competition, production sequencing (scheduling), problem-solving, and more, Frontline Teamwork presents the team skills all company members need to enhance on-the-job performance, challenge tradition, and contribute to the success of their organizations.

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