All You Wanted to Know about Mathematics But Were Afraid to Ask: Volume 1: Mathematics Applied to Science

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Physics and engineering students need a clear understanding of mathematics in order to solve a vast array of problems posed to them in coursework. Unfortunately, in many textbooks, mathematical proofs and techniques obscure a fundamental understanding of the physical principles. In a clear and didactic manner, this book explains to the student why particular advanced mathematical techniques are useful for solving certain problems. The aim is to convey a deeper appreciation of mathematical methods that are applicable to physics and engineering through a discussion of a wide range of real physical problems. The topics covered include simultaneous equations, three-dimensional geometry and vectors, complex numbers, differential equations, partial derivatives, Taylor series, and Lagrange multipliers.


Preface; 1. Simultaneous equations; 2. Three-dimensional geometry; 3. Vectors; 4. Complex numbers; 5. Differential equations; 6. Partial derivatives; 7. Taylor series; 8. Lagrange multipliers; Appendix 1. Basic techniques; Appendix 2. Useful formulae.


"Professor Lyons has the ability to reach students and expand their minds mathematically." Journal of College Science Teaching
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