Teach Yourself Microsoft Excel 97 in 24 Hours

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Juli 1997



Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Excel 97 in 24 Hours shows you how to create eye-catching spreadsheets with ease. Features include an enhanced ChartWizard and increased connectivity which makes collaboration on work projects much easier. Whether you're a novice or an accomplished user, you'll learn to take full advantage of Excel 97's enhanced features and be productive in the least amount of time possible.


Word 97 - a multi-purpose tool; startup; getting around in Word; help?! there's lots of it in 97; working with Word; formatting paragraphs; smooth moves; its all the way you view it; setting up the page; saving and printing documents; Word's outlining features; a matter of style; editing features; working with tables; mail merge; I could write a book; working with graphics; the drawing tools; the insert menu - adding elements to documents; jazzing up your documents; customizing Word the way you work; authoring tasks; teaming up Word with the other Office applications; working with the Web.
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