Applications of Categories in Computer Science: Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society Symposium, Durham 1991

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Applications of category theory and related topics of mathematics to computer science have been a growing area in recent years. This book contains selected papers on the subject from the London Mathematical Society Symposium held at the University of Durham in July 1991.


Preface; Computational comonads and intensional semantics S. Brookes and S. Geva; Weakly distributed categories J. R. B. Cockett and R. A. G. Seely; Sequentiality and full abstraction P.-L. Curien; Remarks on algebraically compact categories P. J. Freyd; Dinaturality for free P. J. Freyd, E. P. Robinson and G. Rosolini; Simply typed and untyped l-calculus revisited B. Jacobs; Modelling reduction in confluent categories C. B. Jay; On clubs and data-type constructors G. M. Kelly; Penrose diagrams and 2-dimensional rewriting Y. Lafont; Strong monads, algebras and fixed points P. S. Mulry; Semantics of local variables P. W. O'Hearn and R. D. Tennant; Using fibrations to understand subtypes W. Phoa; Reasoning about sequential functions via logical relations K. Sieber; I-categories and duality M. B. Smyth; Geometric theories and databases S. Vickers; Partial products, bagdomains and hyperlocal toposes P. T. Johnstone.


Andrew Pitts FACM FBCS is Professor of Theoretical Computer Science at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Darwin College.
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