Green Living for Dummies

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April 2007



Includes a guide to ethical shopping and investing
Your introduction to taking simple steps towards sustainable living
Packed with practical and realistic advice, Green Living For Dummies is a comprehensive guide to minimising your impact on the world around you. Here you'll discover effective and simple strategies for making a difference in every part of your life - from reducing energy waste in your home and cutting reliance on your car, to going green in the garden and at work.
* Minimise household rubbish
Buy green energy
Eat seasonally and organically
Switch holidays for eco-tourism
Teach your kids to be green


* Understanding The Problems We're Storing up for the Future
* Our Environment: Then, Now and in the Future
* Living in a Green Home
* Acting 'Green' Every Day
* Getting Green in the Garden
* Waste Not, Want Not - Minimising Your Rubbish
* Living to Eat or Eating to Live
* Wearing It Well
* Homeware Shopping from the Eco-Mall
* Counting On Ethical Banking
* Ideas for a Greener Work Environment
* Going Green at School
* Choosing Your Transport Wisely
* The Smart Car Evolution
* Committing To Acts of Eco-Tourism
* Ten Great Sustainable Actions You Can Take Today
* Ten Informative and Fun Websites
* Ten Examples of Environmental Innovation
* Ten Things to Teach Your Kids About Sustainable Living
* Ten Green Projects to get the Whole Community Involved In


Liz Barclay is a writer and journalist who presents BBC Radio 4's consumer affairs programme You and Yours. Michael Grosvenor is an urban planning professional with a special interest in sustainable transport.


"Green lifestyle advice for the eco-aware." (Ethical Corporation Magazine, March 2007)
"Essential reading" (Mature Times, Tuesday 16th May)
"Green Living For Dummies is a unique book on how to live a greener lifestyle that provides practical, realistic advice" (Prizes Galore, June 2007)
"This book offers clear, practical, realistic advice on simple lifestyle changes..." (Finance Daily, June 2007)
"...introduction to taking simple steps towards sustainable living, a comprehensive guide to minimising your impact on the world around you..." (Irish Examiner, 2nd June 2007)
"Everything you always wanted to know about sustainable living", (Organic Life, September 2007)
"If you're eager to do your bit for the planet, but need more guidance on how to go about it-, you need this book!" (Best, 4th September 2007)
"If you want to make some major changes but don't know where to start, this guide offers practical advice..."(BBC Good Homes, November 2007)
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