P-Town Summer

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Juni 2004



Ah, Provincetown. An oasis of lazy days, ocean air, and frosty summer drinks--the perfect place to relax and bond while soaking up the summer sun. At least, that's the plan when long-time couple Claire and Rita initiate newbies Kit and Sabi to the pleasures of Provincetown. But from the first flat tire to the constant delays (can anyone say "hold it in"?) on the road to the Cape, it's clear that this is one ride that will be anything but smooth. Claire may be in a relationship with Rita, but that doesn't mean she doesn't notice the attractive and extremely available Dara who seems to bump into Claire at every available opportunity...Rita is no fool--and she is anything but happy about Dara's unwelcome attentions to Claire. Of course, two can play that game, and Dara's ex, Becca, seems to need a shoulder to cry on, too...Kit is having second thoughts about inviting her friend Diane along for the ride. Too many friends at one time can get to be a little too much. Especially when their other houseguest, Grant, forgets her manners--and that Diane isn't "family"--and makes the world's biggest faux pas of a pass. Sabi would be happy if the foursome could dump the obnoxious Pat, who seems to have something to say about everything and everyone--and likes to say it to Kit. P-Town was supposed to be a romantic getaway, but now Sabi's not sure exactly who is getting away with what...


"As with so many books, the joy is in the journey, so don't deny readers the guilty pleasure of this light but perfect evocation of P-Town, its crowded Commercial Street, and its lovely sunsets."
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