Two Weeks to a Breakthrough: How to Zoom Toward Your Goal in 14 Days or Less

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Februar 2007



Using Lisa Haneberg's proven process will help you move beyond your fears and bad habits and help you make significant breakthroughs, even amid the overwhelming clutter of everyday life. "Two Weeks to a Breakthrough" uses both repetition and the gradual introduction of new techniques to increase your ability to discover and manifest new possibilities. Through a combination of step-by-step instructions, examples, exercises, and illustrations, you will learn how to clarify your goals, take steps to break through both internal and external obstacles, and discover how to transform your career and personal life into exactly what you've always wanted.


Introduction. 1. Manifesting Possibility. 2. Breakthrough Catalysts. 3. Setting Your Sights on Success. 4. The Big Power of Small Things. 5. The Two-Week Program. Sunday, Day One: Launch-Wearing Your Goal and Defining Success. Monday, Day Two: Conversations for the Change. Tuesday, Day Three: Discovery. Wednesday, Day Four: Connecting-The Share Blitz. Thursday, Day Five: Fresh Eyes. Friday, Day Six: What If? Saturday, Day Seven: Analysis. Sunday, Day Eight: Wild Ideas. Monday, Day Nine: Requests Blitz. Tuesday, Day Ten: Playing and Planning. Wednesday, Day Eleven: Action Blitz. Thursday, Day Twelve: Giving Back. Friday, Day Thirteen: Being It Today. Saturday, Day Fourteen: Thanks and Reflection. 6. Conclusion. Case Study: Scott's Breakthrough Journal. References. The Author. Index.


Lisa Haneberg is a management trainer and coach, specializing in manager and leader development and effectiveness. She is the author of five books, including Focus Like a Laser Beam from Jossey-Bass, and has written articles for publications such as Leader to Leader, C2M (Consulting to Management), and Selling. She reaches a worldwide audience through her popular blog, "Management Craft" (

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